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Veterans Assistance Committee

Rules for submission/approval of assistance application


  • Assistance is available to any Living VETERAN - but payments will normally not be made directly to the VETERAN.

  • The application must be submitted to the committee. For an application to be complete it must be signed by the applicant and a copy of the applicants DD-214 showing an honorable discharge. A copy of the veterans VA card will suffice in place of the DD-214, if it is not available.                                                                                           

  • Reason: the VA card is not availabe to Veterans with a discharge "other than Honorable".


  • Any veteran can submit a valid, complete and signed application to the committee.


  • After the application with all documentation is presented to the committee, the committee must render a decision.


  • The Chapter Treasurer is to keep a register of recipients along with a copy of the disbursement check.


  • The Veterans Assistance Committee shall have documented approval for any dispersal of funds made from the Veterans Assistance Fund.


  • No loans will be given out of the Veterans Assistance Fund.



Effective 2/11/2017

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